heathergray (heathergray) wrote in layouts_xo,


aim: auziechick24
screen resolution: 800x600
background image: http://www.katerina.nl/goodies/scream2k.jpg
style: generator
colors: umm, matching the image
text: white
all types of links: white
all titles: white
background of entries: transparant
font: century gothic
view comment text: i'm reaching for the phone
align: right
add comment text: but it's too late
align: right
split between view comment and add comment: ||
entry box alignment: center
text alignment: center
cursor: i don't really know about cursors, but one that's cool? lol or else just crosshair
scrollbar: white and black
hover over link: blur
text size: 8

for the picture, can you put it at the top and have it as the title? and then for the link to the userinfo, could you make it the word "stage" in this quote: "bring me on stage and hear me scream"? and for the friends link could you make it the word "scream?"

thank you soo much!!! i'm so computer/lj defficient lol.

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