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email address: breeziegurl2007@hotmail.com
screen resolution: I think web page screen is 800x600? don't know tho
background image: http://www.enjoyincubus.com/images/wallpaper/makeyourself800x600.jpg
style: generator
text: white
all types of links: white
all titles: white
borders: white
background of entries: transparent
font: Verdana
Borders: dashed, white
view comment text: Calibur Love-Letter
align: center
add comment text: Straight From My Heart
align: center
Split between the view comment and add comment: ♥
entry box width and title box width: 40%
entry box alignment: left
text alignment: center
cursor: crosshair
scrollbar: all black
hover over link: blur the link text
text size: I donno the number...but one size smaller than the normal

I think that's about it. Thanks a bunch and a half!
Also...this isn't for this LJ name that I'm using cause my other name hasn't been verified by emial cause my email isn't working, so would that be okay if I gave you my other name and password to put it in? Thanks again!

Katie B

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